Since 2016, WOKESHOP Equity and Professional Development trainings have reached over 20,000 students - across the country!

WOKEshop trainings hold sacred safe spaces for students and young professionals to engage in critical conversations about equity, and build fundamental soft skills to cultivate talent, cultural capital, and their life-work.

Each training builds a foundation for authentic engagement in discourse related to our intersecting identities, diversity & inclusion, and social justice. They challenge participants to unapologetically name the elephant in the room, question the status-quo, and provide tangible tools and resources for first-generation, students of color, and allies to thrive as they discover and cultivate their life-work.


The Art of Hustling: Using Your Cultural Capital to Fuel Your LifeWork


What is cultural capital? Why is it important to be hyper-aware of the ways to harness this?  The Art of Hustling aims to not only provide a space of resistance against traditional forms of navigating professional/higher-ed spaces, but also provides tools and skills needed to harness your cultural capital.

The Art of Hustling: Fueling a Career in Social Impact

What is the difference between your lifework and a career? What are the cultural barriers students of color face in deciding their career. This workshop provides strategies to carving your career path, become more self-aware of your strengths + opportunities for growth, defining your mission (as it evolves), and honing cultural capital skills. Through a series of professional and leadership development activities, participants will tap into what fuels their purpose and discuss various careers in social impact.

The Ugly Truth: Diversity + the Teacher-Shortage Crisis


This two-part training series breaks down identified root causes of the teacher-shortage crisis locally and nationally.  Participants will reflect on their own educational experience, connect it to their current work (defining what lifework means to each), and will discuss tangible solutions to joining the coalition movement. How does the teacher-shortage crisis connected to systemic oppression, privilege, power and oppression? It will also discuss barriers to recruiting and retaining educators of color in urban classrooms.

Resume-Building, “Beyond the Six Seconds”

Six seconds is the average time a recruiter spends reviewing an applicant’s resume - eliminating 75% applicants on this first step. The Beyond the Six Seconds Workshop provides students with a breakdown of basic do’s, don’ts, as well as provides an opportunity to review and critique their own drafts. More importantly, this one-hour workshop is designed for millennial, students of color and first-generation students --as it shares a lens that shines the greatness on grit, cultural capital and honing unique lived experiences.